Session Chair:

  • Bob Sonnenblick, Chairman, SONNENBLICK DEVELOPMENT, LLC [ BIO ]

Panel Participants:

  • Al Bokhour, President, BOKHOUR DEVELOPMENTS
  • Arik Lifshitz, CEO, DSA PROPERTY GROUP [ BIO ]
  • Alex Sifakis, President, JWB REAL ESTATE CAPITAL [ BIO ]
  • Andrew Broeren, Director, PARAGON INVESTORS [ BIO ]
  • Max Sharkansky, Managing Principal, TRION PROPERTIES [ BIO ]

Monday, March 9th, 2015 1:45 PM The Developers Due Diligence Perspective… Comparing the Major Platforms.. Why did you Choose your Crowdfunder to Raise Capital?

  • How did you find the platform?
  • Was broker/dealer affiliation a factor?
  • Did you consider/use a non-US platform?
  • Platform turnaround time
  • Due diligence practices from the platform side
  • Platform management model and experience
  • Fee comparisons
  • Did you look at some of the newer platforms?
  • Evaluating knowledge of, and experience in, securities industry
  • Tools for crowd-vetting
  • Process for onboarding investors
  • Costs of offering