If Fresno does get its own version of a Six Flags Magic Mountain or California’s Great America amusement park, Mayor Jerry Dyer has some locations in mind where the attraction could be placed.

In a message to The Bee discussing the possibility of Fresno partnering to bring aboard a multi-million dollar amusement park, Dyer said the attraction could be built somewhere near Highway 99 or even in downtown Fresno.

Dyer confirmed that he and City Manager Thomas Esqueda have held numerous meetings with Robert Sonnenblick, the principal owner of the Los Angeles-based real estate development firm Sonnenblick Development, and his associates over the past few months.

“We have discussed several entertainment development opportunities near the 99 freeway as well as downtown Fresno,” Dyer said. “Not only have we rolled out the red carpet for Mr. Sonnenblick and those he represents, we have clearly demonstrated that Fresno is poised to serve as the entertainment hub for central California.”

An amusement park, indoor water park, and hotels could all be part of the potential project to make Fresno a central California attraction.

Fresno City Councilmember Miguel Arias and LeeAnn Eager, president and CEO of the Fresno Economic Development Corporation, told The Bee that the potential development investment could amount to $300 million.

Dyer expressed optimism that a multi-million dollar amusement park in Fresno could happen and would be well received by the local community and beyond.

“Although I am prevented legally from discussing the details of the entertainment venue,” Dyer said, “it is safe to say it would attract millions of people annually to Fresno.”