Press Release: Bob Sonnenblick to Moderate at Crittenden Finance Conference Nov 7- 8, 2023

Press Release: Bob Sonnenblick to Moderate at Crittenden Finance Conference Nov 7- 8, 2023

Press Release: October 19, 2023

Crittenden Real Estate Conferences Inc. has chosen Los Angeles-based real estate developer <span class”yellow”>Robert  Sonnenblick</span>to moderate the opening keynote panel at the upcoming Crittenden Real Estate Conference on November 7, 2023 in Miami, Florida at the Trump International Hotel in Sunny Isles.

The topic of the opening panel will be “How to find high leverage dollars for acquisitions in today’s real estate finance markets.” Panelists will be an array of the most active lenders and equity providers doing major real estate funding on commercial and residential projects.

Crittenden Real Estate Conf Moderator and Speakers
Crittenden Finance Conference Nov 7-8, 2023

May 19, 2022: Bisnow: You Need More EV Charging Spaces Than You Think: Greener Additions Becoming Easier To Get Into Projects

Sonnenblick Development’s Bob Sonnenblick
May 10, 2022 BISNOW: Construction, Development and Design in Los Angeles
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Brownstein’s Diane De Felice, McCullough’s Benjamin Arcia, AvalonBay Communities’ Mark Janda, PACE Loan Group’s Ed Wlodarczyk and BLVD Hospitality’s Margaux Rotter.

Southern California’s car culture is changing, and developers and architects are laying the framework in their projects for a near future where there are fewer cars but more need to be charged.

“You need more EV charging spaces than you think you do,” AvalonBay Communities Southern California Senior Vice President Mark Janda said at a Bisnow construction and design event last week.

Ten years ago, he said, it was a struggle to get AvalonBay’s investment committee to approve 10 new EV chargers on a project, but as electric vehicles began to hit the road and become a more common sight on city streets, that has changed. Now, Janda said, AvalonBay is considering putting an EV charger in as many as 25% of parking stalls.

At one transit-oriented development, parking is being considered as temporary, according to McCullough senior associate Benjamin Arcia.

“We designed everything under the parking podium as retail space that’s temporarily occupied by parking,” Arcia said. “We’re going to remove parking and insert retail modules under these residential buildings as the neighborhood becomes more and more ready for it.”

Sustainability in general was a theme throughout the conversation, with speakers touching on the rise in consumer interest in supporting sustainable companies and products.

“Every one of the deals that we do at PACE Loan Group, we require an energy audit,” PACE Loan Group Vice President Ed Wlodarczyk said. “I want to make sure and our partner, who’s actually giving us all the money to put out there, wants to make sure that we’re doing something that actually works.”

Geneva Street Partners’ Michael Lowinger, Related California’s Jonathan Shum, Sonnenblick Development’s Bob Sonnenblick, Hackman Capital’s Mike Racine and McCarthy Building Cos.’ Daniel Stafford.

Project delays and challenges because of the coronavirus were also discussed.

AvalonBay has partnered with Abode Communities on a massive redevelopment of the West LA Civic Center that will involve 926 residential units, roughly half of them income-restricted affordable at a variety of levels.

That project once anticipated a 2023 groundbreaking, but that has been pushed to late 2024, Janda said. The delay, which Janda said “isn’t that unusual for projects of this scale,” was chalked up to the complex nature of the deal. The property has two owners, the city and county of Los Angeles, and the county bought the land from a state entity.

Janda pointed to AvalonBay’s Arts District project, which is under construction but took five years to get to groundbreaking.

“It’s not uncommon in LA, and it’s one of the reasons why there’s a housing shortage, because it’s so difficult to build,” Janda said.

BLVD Hospitality’s Margaux Rotter detailed how Covid-19 slowdowns took the citizenM Downtown LA hotel, a modular design, from being six months faster than conventional construction to taking just about as long as the project would have taken with traditional construction.

State-level approvals of the modular units shaved off time and avoided some of the red tape that might have come with seeking city approvals for the project, Rotter said.

Brownstein shareholder Diane De Felice moderated the panel.

Bob Sonnenblick – Chairman of Sonnenblick Development chosen by IMN Conferences Inc. to moderate the “Mezzanine Loan & Gap Financing for Real Estate Deals”

PRESS RELEASE: N.Y. Monday Nov 16th, 2020

Los Angeles-based real estate developer and investor, Bob Sonnenblick, the Chairman of Sonnenblick Development LLC., has been chosen by IMN Conferences Inc. to moderate the “Mezzanine Loan & Gap Financing for Real Estate Deals” panel at the upcoming IMN Real Estate Mezz & Distressed Debt Conference on Wednesday November 18th.

Mr. Sonnenblick’s panel will feature interviews and questions with five major national real estate lenders, who are still active today funding projects amidst the “mid-Covid” financial turmoil in the real estate markets.

The webinar/”virtual conference” may be heard live at or for more info, please call (212)-901-0506


Mezzanine Loan Origination Trends in an Uncertain Market Environment & Outlook for Gap Financing

  • Which markets and sectors are most attractive/in need of mezzanine financing at the moment?
  • How have terms and negotiations changed in the past 6 months?
  • Is the market still saturated with too many debt funds originating mezzanine loans?  How has the global health crisis impacted competition?
  • Are we seeing banks starting to move back into the space?
  • What are the outlooks for foreign investment and joint venture financing?
  • What financing is available and favorable for distressed deals across different asset classes?
  • How do terms compare to ground-up development deals?

Monday, Oct. 5 2020 Bob Sonnenblick to Moderate Real Estate Finance & Development Trends in 2020 & 2021 Crittenden Event

October 5 - 7, 2020

Crittenden Real Estate
​Finance Conference
October 5 – 7, 2020

The 2020 Crittenden Multifamily & Real Estate Finance Conference will now be VIRTUAL! This COMBINED event will allow attendees access to panel presentations and the opportunity to network online from the comfort of their home or office.

Real Estate Finance & Development Trends in 2020 & 2021

Hour 4 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm EST

  • What real estate product types are still finance-able?
  • Has finance/underwriting changed since COVID-19 started?
  • Has the supply of finance money into real estate changed at all?Will interest rates stay this low for the long-term?
  • Will construction costs ease?
  • Will land prices in Florida decrease over the next year? Is this the time to buy land?
  • Are tenant/corporate bankruptcies affecting the real estate finance marketplace?

Moderator: Bob Sonnenblick Chairman Sonnenblick Development LLC
Sean Kelly-Rand, Managing Partner – RD Advisors LLC
Charles J. Foschini, Senior Managing Director, Florida – Berkadia

Bob Sonnenblick Speaking June 3rd 2020 iGlobal virtual event

The Future of Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Amidst Covid-19 – Part 2

June 23rd 2020, 2:00PM (EST) | Live Virtual Experience

June 23rd 2020 2:00 pm (EST)  Bob Sonnenblick will be a panelist  the latest in the iGlobal virtual event series The Future of Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Amidst COVID-19: Part 2..

This panel will focus on Money available today for investment into new real estate deals.
Hear speakers thoughts on: 

  • How much money their funds have already raised for Mezzanine investments over the last year or so?
  • How much money they have remaining to be spent on Mezzanine investments?
  • Should funds be re-routed any into distressed acquisitions, from Covid-19 “exploded deals”?
  • With “senior” lending severely hampered, will/can they take down the entire capital stack themselves, and then sell off the senior later (after closing)?
  • Any ability to raise new Mezz funds in today’s world?

In case you missed it Bob Sonnenblick was a panelist in the real estate sector for Part 1 of The Future of Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Amidst Covid-19 virtual event. [click for highlights]


iGlobal Live is pleased to present the latest in our virtual event series ‘The Future of Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Amidst Covid-19 – Part 2’.

Join us for this 60-minute session on June 23rd to be part of the live debate, get your questions answered by leading industry experts and address the key challenges that you and your peers are facing amidst the current global pandemic as we start to edge closer to the ‘new normal’.

Key topics include:

  • How much money has each of your funds already raised for Mezzanine investments over the last year or so?
  • How much money do you have left to spend on Mezzanine investments today?
  • Are you re-routing any of these funds into distressed acquisitions, from Covid-19 “exploded deals”?
  • What are your preferred real estate product types (residential/industrial)? What product types won’t you touch (retail/hotel)?
  • What are your preferred regions for investment? Has the choice between urban and suburban been affected by Covid-19?
  • What yields should you be seeking on your Mezzanine money today (both current/short term and over-all long-term IRR)?
  • What has your deal flow/closings looked like since the start of Covid-19?How has this shaped projections for 2020 on your Mezzanine volume? Are you expecting heavy competition or not any more?
  • How high up the capital stack can your Mezzanine go? Has Covid-19 impacted this?
  • With “senior” lending severely hampered, will/can you take down the entire cap stack yourselves and then sell off the senior after closing? How big of a deal can you swallow?
  • Can you see any ability to raise new Mezzanine funds in today’s world?

PLUS, a new feature for iGlobal Live – attend a live virtual event and be personally introduced to a speaker of your choice. This is only available for attendees of our live events, and places are limited, so secure yours now to stay connected and stay informed.

Mr. Robert Sonnenblick, Chairman of Sonnenblick Development, LLC, is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania with more than 30 years of experience in various aspects of real estate development and real estate finance.

Bob Sonnenblick

Sonnenblick Development LLC