Bob Sonnenblick – Chairman of Sonnenblick Development chosen by IMN Conferences Inc. to moderate the “Mezzanine Loan & Gap Financing for Real Estate Deals”

PRESS RELEASE: N.Y. Monday Nov 16th, 2020

Los Angeles-based real estate developer and investor, Bob Sonnenblick, the Chairman of Sonnenblick Development LLC., has been chosen by IMN Conferences Inc. to moderate the “Mezzanine Loan & Gap Financing for Real Estate Deals” panel at the upcoming IMN Real Estate Mezz & Distressed Debt Conference on Wednesday November 18th.

Mr. Sonnenblick’s panel will feature interviews and questions with five major national real estate lenders, who are still active today funding projects amidst the “mid-Covid” financial turmoil in the real estate markets.

The webinar/”virtual conference” may be heard live at or for more info, please call (212)-901-0506


Mezzanine Loan Origination Trends in an Uncertain Market Environment & Outlook for Gap Financing

  • Which markets and sectors are most attractive/in need of mezzanine financing at the moment?
  • How have terms and negotiations changed in the past 6 months?
  • Is the market still saturated with too many debt funds originating mezzanine loans?  How has the global health crisis impacted competition?
  • Are we seeing banks starting to move back into the space?
  • What are the outlooks for foreign investment and joint venture financing?
  • What financing is available and favorable for distressed deals across different asset classes?
  • How do terms compare to ground-up development deals?

Bob Sonnenblick at IMN Real Estate CFO COO Forum West – May 10 and 11 2018

Commercial Real Estate: Outlook & Opportunities

May Thursday, May 10th, 2018 1:30 pm

  • Will more non-traditional CRE firms go the REIT route? Has the GICS sector expansion had any impact?
  • Are activist investors mostly all show?
  • How are CRE firms interacting with the wave of RE-FinTech startups?
  • Is disruption salvation?
  • Which areas of CRE are poised for success?
  • How will the changing retail dynamics and ongoing shifts in workplace attitudes continue to play out?
  • What is the future of CRE?


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